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Currently, I am an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Socha Lab at Virginia Tech (Dept of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics) studying wing vein physiology and quantifying flow and hydraulics of hemolymph in insect wings. I am passionate about science communication and developing courses that blend hands-on biology and engineering principles. Read more about me.



2021-10-15 12.36.47 Mary Salcedo ASU hopper experiment
Exploring the Ernst Mayr for pictures of
Showing kids the insides of grasshoppers
this is how I always am. Last day of cla
Trail running around Walden Pond last we

Where will you find me doing science? You'll find me in the entomology collections, capturing animal locomotion with high-speed cameras in the field, working with insects, or glued to a microscope.

2019-11-07 13.54.17 APS 2-BM Salcedo.jpg


Thanks for your interest in my research. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding my work, teaching or publications. I’d love to hear from you. Either fill out the form or get in contact with me via my work email:

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